Welcome to the subways of solutions! The purpose of these terms and conditions is to protect your rights, and the security of the content gathered from you. It also includes your legal responsibilities and the Company's business method.

The agreement's terms and conditions govern how Solution Subways provides its services. The terms and conditions stated in this agreement serve as a representation of the understanding between "the Company (We, us, our)" and the client or user of the services referred to as "you" in the agreement. We advise everyone to carefully read the terms and conditions before using our services because they are legally enforceable and refer to both the customers' and the entity's obligations.


Using our services, you consent to follow the rules and guidelines outlined in this agreement. Please ensure you have read the policy in its entirety before using our services or utilizing them in any other way. Anyone who breaches the terms and conditions of this agreement, any code of behavior, or poses a threat to the firm may have their access to the services offered by the Company terminated at any time and without prior warning.


The website's solutions subway will include specific referral links on adverts and content to third-party platforms. By using our services, you consent to the Company tracking you. The firm will follow people who access the website through the referral link. The corporation must inform its customers to be permitted to change the cookies.


We strive to provide services that are as accessible and inclusive as possible, but we also want visitors to the website to browse the site safely. Hence, by law, we only allow persons who meet the following requirements to access our services.

● You must be at least 13 years old.

● We have not terminated your service usage if you violated the agreement or policies.

● You cannot have a history of sexual offenses.

● You are qualified to use our services under the law.

● Sharing any content that might be subject to copyright restrictions, violates those restrictions, or is another person's intellectual property.

● We are posting advertising or other solicitations on the platform without getting authorization from the services that have nothing to do with the Company.

● Make the platform vulnerable to any malware, threats, encrypted files, applications, material, or images that impede the functionality of the services and other users.

● Subvert the entity's services and specifically harm the website's content.

● Attempt to gain illegal access to network systems, servers, or services.


We want to make your purchasing experience better and more efficient while also considering your concerns and problems. You can reach us at admin@solutionsubways.com to express your thoughts.

All legal disputes or claims relating to these terms and conditions should be handled by California law. By using the services, you consent to have legal disputes decided by California law in either federal or state courts.


Our staff and we put a lot of effort into providing and compiling the coupons, curating the material, and developing the most incredible lifestyle hacks and recommendations for you. The goods and services advertised on the platform are provided "as is" by independent websites. Nevertheless, we cannot promise that any content posted on the forum will be error-free and uninterrupted; the programs will always function as intended, be secure or safe, or be free from flaws or delays. The extent that is specified in the legislation,

We disclaim any warranties, including third party, merchant, vendor, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement warranties, whether express or implied.

When you click on referral links, you may be taken to websites operated by third parties over whom we have no control. We have no control over, share no responsibility for, or accept any liability for the established images and content displayed on third-party websites.

We cannot forecast with any degree of accuracy where problems with our services might occur. Hence, our obligation is only limited to the content posted on solution subways and only applies under the law. And under no circumstances can we be held accountable to you or any third-party merchant, vendor, or affiliate for any loss of profits, information, data, punitive damages, or other losses, hidden or apparent, resulting from our relationship with you.


You are granted a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, global, royalty-free license to use the service by solution subways. The ownership and rights permit only private and non-commercial use of the services.

Nothing grants you the right to use the service, the information, photos, material, or coupons available on the service for your benefit or use in a business. All content and images featured on the website are the sole property of SolutionsSubway. You are not obligated to let us use any comments, recommendations, or feedback you provide about the services in any way we see fit.


We welcome and value any feedback you may have regarding SolutionsSubway.

A solution subway is the Company in charge of the services, and you may contact us with any questions or criticisms at admin@solutionssubway.com.


The platform's services and content may link to third-party websites; however, relevant disclosure will be made whenever a link is included in the range to promote something or for marketing or advertising purposes.

Despite our best efforts, solution subways have no control over third-party content or advertisements that may appear on our website. It is essential to recognize that the adverts we display for networks, shops, and sellers could change anytime.

The statements expressed in adverts, in any material, or on any third-party platforms are not the responsibility of solution subways. We categorically deny being able to verify or support any claims made by third-party platforms.

These terms and conditions are agreed to, but solution subways reserve the right to amend them anytime without notification to its users. However, if the terms above and conditions alter at any moment, a notice will be posted on this internet page.

Before using the services, please check the updated date. You agree to abide by all the terms as mentioned earlier and conditions by utilizing our services.


Updated: 15/3/2023