Striking Hairstyles For Women That Will Change Your Look Instantly

Striking Hairstyles For Women That Will Change Your Look Instantly

Hair is an essential part of your personality, and if done right, it can change the perception of most people around you. Most people recommend getting a nice haircut before stepping in for a job interview as it not only assures you of getting a job easily but significantly impacts your boss’ mind. That`s right! Regardless of how fancy and extravagant your clothes are, if your hairstyle is not on point, you will be perceived as unattractive and dull to the people around you. However, selecting a hairstyle is a major concern for many. You must consider a couple of factors to look different from others. This is why today we will look at different hairstyles you can opt for to turn heads while walking on the street. We will also discuss the factors you should keep in mind before selecting the best possible hairstyle that suits your face and is easy to carry every day. Let`s now move on to the article.

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Hairstyle

The Shape Of Your Face

The shape of your face reveals the entire story, especially when it comes down to selecting a hairstyle for yourself. Although hairstyles suit almost everyone, I`m afraid not every hairstyle is meant to be for you. For instance, if you have an oval face, you must select a hairstyle that covers your face and doesn`t make things too prominent for you. At the same time, people with smaller faces should do the exact opposite before selecting a hairstyle.

Hair Texture

Most people often ignore hair texture due to the captivating look of a particular hairstyle they had seen someone carrying the other day. They don`t understand that everyone has a different hair texture, and you might go against mother nature to change the texture of your hair. But you would still need that element you could have witnessed by opting for a hairstyle according to the original texture of your hair.


Changing your hairstyle means stepping out of your comfort zone. Be ready to stand in front of a mirror to reproduce the same hairstyle daily. This is when most people decide to quit and move on to the previous hairstyle they had been carrying for ages. To overcome this limitation, I recommend selecting a hairstyle that could be created instantly without taking much of your time.

With Great Risk Comes Great Reward

No matter how much you have prepared yourself, there are still chances of things going south. That`s what hairstyles are all about, you might have selected an excellent hairstyle for yourself, but you could still feel anxious before going to your barber. Thus, it`s better for you to prepare for anything, as things sometimes go wrong!

Trending Hairstyles

This is where you would probably skip and move forward as many people would give you the same old clichéd advice to select a trending hairstyle. However, you must understand that trends usually emerge from celebrities, and when it comes to hairstyles, they are designed according to their face shape and hair texture. Hence, I recommend you avoid such advice and ignore what`s currently hot in the trends. But if you want to become a fashion icon, you can combine two hairstyles to determine if they align with your personality.


Classic Wavy Bob Cut

Girls with wavy hair often feel frustrated while carrying long hair. So, why not cut them short and do things your way? If you want to look edgy with a bold, masculine look, then the classic wavy bob cut will give you exactly that! You can look for piercings or bleed in black with your outfit. Either way, it would be an excellent option for you to display that edgy side of yours. Selecting a hairstyle is not that difficult after all!


Women over 60 don`t have many options in their arsenal when it comes down to switching to a hairstyle. Before you get disheartened, you should know that those times are now over. This brings my attention towards the blunt hairstyle, which is ideal for women in their 60s. The hairstyle can make your features prominent, which is why it has received a positive response from women worldwide. You can throw some earrings or add a few waves to that beautiful hair to rock this look. The trend of shorter hairstyles has taken over the modern era.

Short And Straight

Cute, attractive and eyecatching are just a few terms that could describe the ethereal beauty of this haircut. The haircut is a deadly combination of the blunt cut and the classic 90s look carried by most female celebrities. Besides, almost every style comes for borrowed time, but what`s unique about keeping your hair short and straight is that this trend has proven immortal and is perhaps never going away. You could combine various eye shades or simply go along with bold dark lipstick to extract the best from it. Either way, it would be back to the future for you!


Perhaps the most popular haircut from the early 21st century. The hairstyle has made a name for itself and was carried by celebrities like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato. Bangs are pretty straight forward and can go along with long and short hair. Once it’s done right, you won`t need much time in front of the mirror. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it makes you look younger and is relatively easy to carry.

Short Thick Hair

The thicker the hair, the better. However, thicker hair has limitations as it doesn`t allow you to style it freely. But if you have stuck to this article till now, we aren`t letting you go disappointed and will provide you with options that suit you best. Speaking of which, when kept short, thick hair reflects the opposite side of your personality. To make things rougher, wear bracelets, throw in some dark makeup or add a leather jacket to get that chic vibe.



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