Popular Exercises To Choose And The Ones To Avoid Before Designing A Workout

Popular Exercises To Choose And The Ones To Avoid Before Designing A Workout

Exercise is not only great for shedding off those few extra pounds but is also beneficial for your internal health as well. In fact! Many doctors and scientists recommend every person to exercise at least 3 times a week with a minimum time of 60 minutes. This would inevitably decrease your chances of exposure to fatal diseases as exercise boosts your immune system. And with the world moving towards an unhealthy lifestyle, it has become a necessity for everyone to get themselves moving.

However, exercises should be well practised in the presence of an active trainer to execute every move safely. There are times when one wrong angle could turn out to be deadly. The same can be said before choosing a set of exercises, as there are several exercises made famous by fitness influencers that could cause detrimental effects on your health in the long run. Speaking of which, today I will highlight the exercises you should choose and the ones you should avoid doing before stepping into the gym. Keeping the story short, let`s now move on to the article.

Exercises That You Should Choose          

The Deadlifts

Most people discourage weight training sessions due to some myths circulating across the fitness industry for years. But the reality is that these are the same people who are not engaged in any sports activity and have little or no knowledge regarding physical fitness. Strength training strengthens your bones, improves blood circulation and increases your stamina. This brings the deadlifts into the conversation. The exercise is an all in one package and is the enemy of love handles. The deadlifts improve back mobility, eliminate that extra belly fat and increase testosterone, which is great for building muscles. However, you should perform this exercise in the presence of a trainer, as the exercise exerts tremendous stress on your lower back.

Just Head Out For A Simple Walk

Walking is the most underrated exercise of all time. But walking has many benefits and doesn`t need fancy equipment or an overwhelming expenditure. Just grab a pair of shoes, and you are good to go! Walking increases your life expectancy as it improves your heart health as well as your lungs. The combination of walking and strength training could give you unbelievable results, and guess what? You can cheat whenever you feel like it!

Simple Pull Ups

If you cannot afford to go to the gym for some reason, try to get rid of this excuse by pursuing pullups as your dream. Most people want a dreamy V taper, which can only be achieved by doing slight variations of pull ups. Pull ups are ideal for building muscle and pumping blood into those lats. To make things more challenging, you can add this exercise to your supersets or simply do it as a warm up every day.

High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)

It doesn`t matter what fitness level you are currently stepping on. If you are dedicated to getting those few inches off your waist, adding interval workouts in your training routine could play an `IT` factor. HIIT workouts are a combination of a list of bodyweight workouts that are repeated in a sequence for a short period. This gets that blood rushing through your veins and can give you instant results. What`s impressive about this workout is that it targets all your muscle fibres in one go with no chance of getting injured, as no weights are involved.


Whether you are a fitness freak or someone who barely knows about fitness, pushups are popular amongst everyone. In fact! Most countries have made pushups mandatory in all schools as an exercise to start their day. Moreover, scientific researches show that doing 50 pushups every day strengthens your heart and decreases the chance of getting a heart attack. However, if you are an amateur, you should perform it according to your strength and endurance.

Exercises That You Should Avoid

Behind The Head Lat Pull Downs

The exercise is known for increasing the width of your upper back but is extremely dangerous for your neck and, particularly, your spine. This might have surprised you because many ego lifters like throwing in as much weight as possible, inevitably damaging their spine on each rep. If you want those thick lats, you can switch this exercise with the front Lat pull downs while keeping the weight low and pulling the barbell towards your chest, after which you can push yourself till failure.

Rebound Box Jumps

Although rebound box jumps have some great advantages, the exercise gives you a better reaction time, improves cardiovascular health and is also responsible for increasing your strength. But if we compare the pros with the cons, the exercise is not worth it! The sudden impact during this workout exerts tremendous tension on your knees and quads. A wrong angle could make things extremely excruciating. Thus, avoiding this exercise is better than getting yourself injured. Instead, you can step up and down on a box. This would keep your knees protected and give you the advantages I discussed earlier.

Side Bends

Like any other industry, the fitness industry is filled with some myths that still exist today. One is spot reduction, and many people believe that targeting a particular area during an exercise would flatten it. In contrast, the truth is that your body drops fat from the whole body at a time. This has made side bends popular to get rid of those love handles. But instead, the exercise causes the development of a muscle underneath your love handles, making that area look worse. Hence, if you want to lose that unwanted fat, try fixing your nutrition and adding cardiovascular exercises to your everyday workouts.

Partial Squats

Squats are great for your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and other muscles inside your legs. Squats might be the key to the promised land if you want to boost your testosterone. However, partial squats have a completely different story. The exercise doesn`t target your leg muscles except for your quads and puts unnecessary load on your lower back. Moreover, the exercise gives you nothing but a muscle imbalance due to the pressure solely being on the quads. Thus, performing it with a full range of motion is better.



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